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Malcolm G. Fries & Associates, Inc. has been providing families and wealthy individuals with personal financial planning advice for over 20 years. Our office is in Newport News and we serve clients throughout Tidewater, Virginia.

We offer objective advice and personal service on a fee basis. Totally independent, we do not rely on any third party financial arrangements. We stand committed to working solely for you without any conflicts of interests.

Whether you are in need of investment advice, comprehensive financial planning, estate and tax planning, or any other financial services, Malcolm G. Fries & Associates can help you to create a solid fiscal foundation by offering you:

  • A financial boutique where you will receive personal attention and high-touch service
  • Advisory services are fee based to allow for objectivity, accountability and integrity in serving you, since our compensation is not based on how often we can sell you a financial product
  • Comprehensive financial planning that considers your entire financial picture––and follows the professionally recognized six-step process as defined by the College for Financial Planning.
  • Portfolio analysis and investment management techniques utilizing asset class allocation and based on the ideas espoused by the founders of Modern Portfolio Theory, ideas recognized with the award of a Nobel Prize in 1990.

We pride ourselves on providing responsive service and intelligent advice. Our relationships are built on trust and forged over decades of service.

749 Thimble Shoals Blvd.
Newport News, VA   23606
Phone 757-873-0800    Fax 757-873-7761

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